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Celebrating Love Day in a Big Way

This Valentine’s Day was chock-full of activities from start to finish at Des Arc Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Love was definitely in the air, and all the elders and staff could feel it! Our party was made extra special by a generous gift from our friends at nearby City Market. This locally owned and operated grocer delighted our seniors with beautiful and fragrant roses.

We hung a white backdrop in our common area and emblazoned it with red tinsel hearts, red paper hearts, and silhouettes of Cupid. The addition of pink and red foil mylar balloons, as well as a purple tinsel heart for holding, created the perfect set for festive photos. Capturing this precious memory with each elder (and one elder’s cute little pup) was so much fun. Families will surely treasure these sweet Valentine’s Day photos of their loved ones for years to come. 

As we socialized over seasonal snacks, bouquets of fresh posies from adoring family and friends kept arriving for elders and staff alike, thanks to our neighbors at Lynn’s Flowers & Gifts. They make incredible arrangements! A few lucky ladies even received soft teddy bears, chocolates, and other treasures. Between these gorgeous bouquets and the City Market roses, Des Arc Nursing & Rehab was smelling so good by day’s end.

With years of life experience on their side, elders have the greatest stories to share and wisdom to impart. We love hearing what our Arkansas Delta seniors have to say about the world and life, in general. So, in the spirit of love, on Valentine’s Day, we asked our wonderful elders and several nursing staff to share their best advice for couples. We transcribed each response onto a dry erase board and snapped photos of each kind contributor with their advice on proud display.

Each priceless completion to the sentence starter: “My Valentine’s advice to couples is…” gave us all something to think about to cultivate loving kindness in our own lives. Some responses, like the one from Robert, whose tip was to “stay single” even made us laugh!

Check out all the heartwarming, and sometimes comical, advice below:

“My Valentine’s advice to couples is…

…stay with each other.” (Jerry)

…make sure you love each other.” (Marc)

…treat your woman good.”(Curtis)

…be careful what you buy, and don’t compromise.” (Jimmy H.)

…listen to each other.” (Wilford)

…I’m yours.” (Murphy)

…be nice and enjoy each other’s company.” (Vikki)

…love and be loved.” (Dean)

…love each other.” (Carmen)

…tell each other you love them every day.” (Carolyn)

…no, don’t do that.” (Faye)

…if you don’t like each other, you’re going down the wrong path.” (Cara)

…stay single.” (Doris)

…don’t fight, and love each other.” (Cheryl)

…don’t ask your mate to do anything you wouldn’t do; just love each other.” (Lora)

…love the one you are with.” Jessie

…keep their mouth shut so they don’t argue.” (Floyd)

…don’t keep secrets from each other.” (Al)

…love each other.” (Lester)

…the man should never forget Valentine’s Day or their anniversary.” (Mr. Barnes)

…to be their best friend.” (Kayla)

…“never go to bed mad at each other.” (Bridget)

…be sure you can communicate with each other.” (Stephanie)

…continue to date one another as if it was the first date.” (Brandy)

…stay in bed.” (Mary)

…feed each other cheese and bread in bed.” (Amber)

…communication.” (Linda)

…get married ASAP.” (David)

…pack up and run like hell.” (L. Conley)

…trust each other.” (Gladys)

…always love the one you are with.” (Lannie)

We all know how love feels, but we may not realize the vast benefits of love on our health. Whether we’re giving or receiving love, we experience lower blood pressure, stress, depression, and anxiety. Our immunity gets a boost, and we are able to live longer, healthier lives. With all of these perks to love, it’s no wonder it’s celebrated in big ways by so many people around the world. Here in Des Arc, we love our elders and our staff, and we gladly celebrate them every chance we get!

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