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Rise & Shine, it’s Donuts and BINGO Time!

We have big goals at Des Arc Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. Helping short-timers recover from surgeries and illnesses and supporting elders in our long-term care sharpen and maintain healthy cognition, bolster immunity, and enjoy peace of mind and overall wellness are what we do, and we know that all of these are best accomplished with a little fun and fellowship.

Always thinking up ways to keep things interesting and effective, we recently combined a favorite morning treat with a game everyone loves. It turns out warm, fresh donuts and BINGO go quite well together. Add a chilled glass of fresh-squeezed OJ for the full experience!

Like an early morning stretch session warms muscles and stimulates blood flow, playing games like BINGO soon after waking clears brain fog and promotes mental clarity. And there’s a nice endorphin rush sparked by friendly competition. Starting the day off with clear heads and joyful hearts seems to make the afternoon and evening even better.

Now, you may be wondering about the benefits of donuts. Believe it or not, they have their merit. First of all, they are a special treat, not an everyday staple. Treats are something to look forward to, something to savor and enjoy. Secondly, a warm, fresh donut is a thing of nostalgia, transporting one’s mind to a delightful moment in their own–sometimes subconscious–memory.   

Our work here in the Arkansas Delta is focused on the compassionate and competent nursing and rehabilitation care for every elder we serve. And we strive, every day, to make our center near the White River feel like home, complete with a supportive extended family. Through creative, intentional fun and fellowship, we are making a big difference for our Des Arc elders!

Who We Are

We are more than just a healthcare provider; we are a community that fosters friendship, joy and fulfillment.

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At Des Arc, we believe in providing personalized care plans to promote optimal health and well-being.

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We offer 24/7 care, on-site therapy services, transport to appointments, daily activities and so much more.